A Cowboy to Love Again

About This Book

Gina Middleton took her heart to San Francisco, leaving Zach Rivers behind. After high school graduation, she accepted the first scholarship she could wrangle and headed to university, hoping Zach would follow her.

He would have if he could have. But family troubles kept him at River Ranch as he struggled to save the family legacy.

After a disastrous marriage and divorce, Gina is back in Sagebrush as the high school’s vice principal.

When Zach finds himself in the vice principal’s office, will he pass on this second chance at love, or will he make the grade this time before it’s too late?
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The Baby Who Saved Dr. Cynical

The Baby Who Saved Dr Cynical, by Connie Cox

Dr. Jason Drake is a brilliant diagnostician—the man everyone turns to for answers when they cannot diagnose a sick child. Shaped by a painful past, his manner is brusque and his methods outrageously unorthodox....

Yet his formidable personality conceals a burning passion for medicine—matched only by the intense desire he feels for his boss, Dr. Stephanie Montclair! Their red-hot affair was never meant to last, so Jason's damaged heart is tested like never before when a shock pregnancy complicates their no-strings fling....

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Return of the Rebel Surgeon

Return of the Rebel Surgeon, a novel by Connie Cox

Cole Lassiter, renowned surgeon, is out of his depth. Volunteering at the Special Games is already challenging his emotion-free approach, and then the one woman he's never forgotten, whose betrayal has kept his heart locked away…walks into his surgery! She's the mother of the boy in front of him, the boy whose dark eyes look so disconcertingly familiar….

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His Hidden American Beauty

Book Cover His Hidden American Beauty by Connie Cox

Making Annalise smile

Cruise ship doctor Annalise Walcott travels from port to port with no ties to anyone-relationships cause nothing but heartache. So when Greek god Niko Christopoulos catches her eye she's determined to steer clear!

Dynamic doc Niko is on board for some R & R. The R might not stand for romance, but a summer fling could be the perfect distraction. Annalise plays it cool on the surface, but Niko will enjoy discovering her hidden depths and awakening the beautiful woman hidden beneath.

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When the Camera Stops Rolling

On-screen doctors, off-screen fireworks!

On set they make a dream team, but when the credits roll the sparks fly between TV celebrity doctor Eva Veracruz and her brand-new co-host, Dr. Mark O'Donnell. While Mark's arrogant manner gets under Eva's skin, his smoldering glances have her heart racing for all the wrong reasons.

For widowed Eva and recently divorced Mark the last thing they need is an off-screen relationship. So why is it so hard for these medics to take their own advice?

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Christmas Eve Delivery

Pregnant mom on his doorstep

Since returning from the army, Dr. Jordan Hart has isolated himself on his ranch-based medical practice, preferring to be left alone with his battleground ghosts.

Then Nurse Deseré Novak comes to his sleep Texan town-pregnant and alone-weeks before Christmas. Reluctantly, Jordan discovers she raises all his protective instincts, and suddenly he's confronted with a different kind of torment-a beautiful brunette with a baby on board!

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Taking Flight

Taking Flight, a novel by Connie Cox

Lacey Seivers, once so shy that she fainted when she gave the valedictory address at her high school graduation, has shed her geeky image to climb her way up through the ranks of a Chicago law firm. Returning to her hometown for her brothers' college graduation and her high school reunion, she's not the same girl she once was. But some things never change. Like Lacey's connection with her best friend, Hank Chandler. They've known each other their entire lives, and Hank works as a crop duster for Lacey's father. Hank is no longer the bad boy of West Monroe, Louisiana. He's just a man trying to raise his ten-year-old son the best he can. But when Lacey comes back to town, Hank is overcome with new feelings for her, and he leans on her for support when Jennifer, his former flame and the mother of his child, comes to town. Finding strength and comfort in each other's arms, they also find more than just friendship, but difficulties arise that may prevent them from getting their new relationship off the ground.

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