Will You Speak to Me?

You know the stereotypical writer, the introvert that writes away all day in her garret, never speaking to anybody except an occasional grunted call to her editor to whisper, “It’s ready.  Look for the brown paper package tied up with string on your doorstep?”

That’s not me.  I’m probably the most extroverted writer ever born.  So yes! I’ll be delighted to speak to your group.

Who do I speak to and about what?

  • Writer’s groups on a multitude of topics.  I’ve taught fiction  writing for a while, so I can make something up if you have a special need.  I’ll list my repertoire later.
  • Readers’ groups on my books, other people’s books, the idiosyncrasy of writing, the romance genre, the importance of reading, the crucial need to protect our fifth amendment right of no censorship–anything, really.
  • Curious groups on how publishing works, who does the front cover, m-o-n-e-y (told you I wasn’t shy),  where do writers get their ideas, how to become a writer….

Okay, I think you get the idea.

Want me to speak to your group?  Drop me a line and we’ll make arrangements.