White Wine and Wild Rides

White Wine & Wild RidesWhite Wine & Wild Rides

Rock Stars Rule!!!

Wine, women and song.
Playboy billionaire Eric Saunders has it all. But not what he really wants. He wants Selina Ramirez, assistant to his best friend, rock superstar Blair.
Blair wants to stay on top of the charts while her body guard, her secret lover, wants a shot at the family life.
Selina and Blair switch identities to fool the press and Eric agrees to be Selina’s escort which suits Selina just fine. Being a rollercoaster junkie, she’s used to the kind of fast, wild rides Eric takes his women on.
Eyes wide open and hands in the air, Selina challenges him to bring it. But Eric thinks he wants more than a few minutes on thrill hill with Selina.
With Eric wrapped securely around her in the ride of her life, will she be able to hold herself together for that final fall she’s always craved?
Two kick-ass heroines. Two strong men. Two intertwined love stories to rock your night away.

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