Website remodel

What do you think about my website remodel?  Nifty, huh?  I like the nature-y feel but I'm still looking at a few more options so you may see this site change often in the next few weeks.

The summer writing classes were huge successes for me, and hopefully for the writers who attended.  I enjoyed them SO much.  The writers shared so much enthusaism and energy and I eagerly absorbed it like a a carpet absorbs red wine.   All that talking aobut wriring has really kept me going strong on my current manuscript.

It's very different than TAKING FLIGHT, full of angst and noir.  I'm pondering using a pen name so that readers who like my sweet Southern romance will know that this is a different kind of book.  It's set in New Orleans and is heavily influenced by the tragedy of Katrina.   It's a difficult story to write, but it is hammering to be written and that's what I'm here for, afterall.

After it's done, I'm definitely going to write something bright and uplifting.  I'll need the contrast.

Now that I'm trying new  website formats, I'm hoping to be more consistent on updating.  Only time will tell!

Off to supper with my DH (dear hubby).