Louisiana Twitches

I've been obsessed with the weather these last few days.  I'm betting everyone living in Louisiana has been, too. 
Thankfully, we're going for overkill in preparations.  If there was one good thing to come out of Katrina, it's that we learned to respect the weather. here's not a hotel or RV park around that has a space left open.  I've called south Louisiana friends and offered room and board if they need it.  I'm sure hoping and praying that Gustave blows over, thought (pun intended.)

Meanwhile, my writing is picking up intensity.  Can I credit the storm?  How much does a writer's environment affect the story?  While I can't speak for all writers, I can tell you that my environment affects me a lot--but with a caveat.  As I'm getting into my story each morning, the music I pick, the temperature outside, the politics of the day, all affect my starting point.  But give me five minutes, and my story world has much more impact on my than my real world.  

Talking of writing, now's the time to get back to it, before this storm hits.