Taking Flight

Release Date: 
February 24, 2008



Image of Taking Flight (Avalon Romance) (Avalon Romance)

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Hank Chandler is a bad boy-turned respectable citizen. He is raising his son, Cody, alone and making a living from cropdusting which turns his passion for flying into a nice living for his little family of two.

Then Lacey Sievers comes home from Chicago for their high school reunion. Lacey is not the geeky childhood friend he remembers. Instead, she is a successful lawyer on the brink of partnership. And she wants to negotiate a friendship like the one they used to have.

But there’s not a lot of need for corporate lawyers in little West Monroe, Louisiana or for cropdusters in Chicago, Illinois. When the mother of Hank’s child returns to town seeking custody of the son that she abandoned all those years ago, they all must come to terms with their pasts to save their futures.

Taking Flight is a great mother-daughter read! The story is rated PG-13 and has strong emotional teenage backstory.