Taking Flight

Taking Flight, a novel by Connie CoxTitle: Taking Flight
Release Date: November 20 2912
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Lacey Seivers, once so shy that she fainted when she gave the valedictory address at her high school graduation, has shed her geeky image to climb her way up through the ranks of a Chicago law firm. Returning to her hometown for her brothers' college graduation and her high school reunion, she's not the same girl she once was. But some things never change. Like Lacey's connection with her best friend, Hank Chandler. They've known each other their entire lives, and Hank works as a crop duster for Lacey's father. Hank is no longer the bad boy of West Monroe, Louisiana. He's just a man trying to raise his ten-year-old son the best he can. But when Lacey comes back to town, Hank is overcome with new feelings for her, and he leans on her for support when Jennifer, his former flame and the mother of his child, comes to town. Finding strength and comfort in each other's arms, they also find more than just friendship, but difficulties arise that may prevent them from getting their new relationship off the ground.